About Me

Hi, I’m Irene.

I am a twenty-something university student working towards her BA, majoring in psychology and minoring in philosophy, so I can become both a counsellor specializing in the field of abuse and a university professor.

I am Christian, feminist, and Canadian.

Interests and hobbies include listening to music, writing music, watching movies, reading, cooking, writing, learning, philosophy, theology, psychology, health, feminism, history, hanging out with friends and family, and fashion and lingerie. I’m developing a fledgling interest in politics and how the economy works.

I have an adorable fat cat who is the perfect size for snuggling.

Food is definitely a way to my heart.

I am extremely picky about what I read and since I’m a critical thinker, I am perfectly capable of ruining books and movies for people. Ruining as in “I really loved that book/movie, but what you just said made me think of it in a whole new light and I’m not sure if I can ever enjoy it again. Thanks a lot! *sarcasm*” Ah, my raison d’etre.

I’m the type of person who insists on wearing matching bra and undies and on matching my underthings to my outerthings. I cannot concentrate unless my workspace is clean.

I’ve struggled with anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive for years. Mostly anxiety. Late in 2016, I was finally diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Depressive Symptoms after over a year of suspecting it.

And I blog. About any and all of the above. Nice to meet you!