About That Radio Silence…

So, it’s been over two months since I lasted posted anything on the blog. I meant to post some more stuff sooner. But life got in the way.

I got the flu twice in one month, which means I was either a) moaning and groaning in pain and throwing up wondering if I had appendicitis and if I ought to go to the hospital and hoping I’m not dying or b) having a movie marathon. Being sick, naturally I had a backlog of homework. I missed class, studied the heck out of my midterms, got an A+ on the first one then a C on the other, which led to a nervous breakdown because arghh, I don’t get Cs! Which led to more homework to catch up on.

And then there were a bunch of random, necessary errands to do, and psychologist appointments, then budgeting to make sure I have money for the next semester, and still trying to prove to certain organizations that I am in fact disabled… And then we got snowed in, so naturally I had another movie marathon. And then there were lab reports and more crippling anxiety over the impending midterm and just things not going according to plan.

So, yeah.

Which brings me to the subject of how often to expect posts from me.

I’m a busy person. A few months ago, I was talking with a friend over hot chocolate and she said “You have such an interesting life”. And the reason my life is so interesting is because it is in constant motion. I have a job. I have school. I have nieces and nephews to babysit, family and friends to visit, bills to pay, music to write, books to read, a body to exercise, a cat to cuddle… And then I usually have a nervous meltdown/ existential crisis every week or two, which requires a lot of alone time and self-care in order to function again.

Basically, I’m an introvert with an extraverted life and it exhausts me.

So, this blog isn’t the highest on my list of priorities. I still want to blog, but I can’t go compromising in the other areas of my life to do it. I’d love to say “Oh yeah, I’ll totally post twice a week” but I’d be making a promise that I can’t keep. Sometimes I’ll post lots, other times nothing at all. I’ll post when I’m able and that’s the best I can do.

I also won’t be on social media like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. I don’t consider myself to be tech-savvy and don’t want to manage multiple websites and accounts, plus I know that whenever I go on those platforms, it eats up all my time and I end my day thinking “Ugh, what a waste. Did I accomplish anything today?”

(Though I got Pinterest… There goes my time management skills.)


Sarah Anderson understands me. (Seriously, Sarah’s Scribbles: Look it up.)


But there’s more to it than just the feelings of unproductivity. It’s the negativity I often find on the Internet. Because of that negativity, I sometimes will have to step back from the blog and all the Interneting that goes into it to keep myself sane. Posting and looking for relevant information to put in my post requires a lot of time and emotional energy from me and if I’m lacking in either of those areas, I have to put some distance there to care for myself.

Because, as Sarah Anderson so aptly sums up in her comic, Internet comment threads often look like this:



So, I hope that clarifies past, present, and future radio silence from me on the blog.

In a while, crocodile.